3. Configuration

As part of the installation of XTools, composer install or composer update may prompt you for configuration options. This is a definition of those options.

3.1. Databases

XTools’ own database:

  • database_host - Hostname for the server with the XTools database
  • database_port - Port for the server with the XTools database
  • database_name - Database name of the XTools database
  • database_user - Username for the XTools database
  • database_password - Password for the user for the XTools database

The projects’ databases:

  • database_replica_host - Hostname for the server with the MediaWiki databases
  • database_replica_port - Port for the server with the MediaWiki databases
  • database_replica_name - Database name of any one of the MediaWiki databases (usually the default, or the ‘meta’; it doesn’t matter which).
  • database_replica_user - Username for the MediaWiki databases
  • database_replica_password - Password for the user for the MediaWiki databases

The ‘meta’ database:

  • database_meta_name - Database Name for the server with the meta_p table (this is not required if app.single_wiki is set)

Other tools’ database (e.g. checkwiki):

  • database_toolsdb_host - MySQL host name
  • database_toolsdb_port - MySQL port number
  • database_toolsdb_name - Username to connect as
  • database_toolsdb_password - Password to use for the user

3.2. Authentication and Email

The Oauth details need to be requested from Special:OAuthConsumerRegistration on your default wiki.

  • auth_key - Oauth consumer key
  • auth_secret - Oauth consumer secret
  • mailer_transport - Software for the mailer
  • mailer_host - Hostname for the mailer
  • mailer_user - Username for the mailer software
  • mailer_password - Password for the mailer software

3.3. Application

  • secret - A secret key that’s used to generate certain security-related tokens
  • app.noticeDisplay - Display the notice or not
  • app.noticeStyle - Style of the notice banner. Available options: “error,” “warning,” “succeess,” “info.”
  • app.noticeText - Message shown to the user. If you provide a valid intuition key, it will display that message instead
  • app.replag_threshold - Number of seconds to consider the replicas as “lagged”, and show a warning to the user that the data may be out of date
  • app.load_stylesheets_from_cdn - Whether to load our stylesheets and scripts from a CDN. This is required if XTools is installed on a Windows server
  • app.single_wiki - Point XTools to a single wiki, instead of using a meta database. This ignores database_meta_name above.
  • app.is_labs - Whether XTools lives on the Wikimedia Foundation Labs environment. This should be set to false.
  • wiki_url - URL to use if app.single_wiki is enabled. The title of pages is attached to the end.
  • api_path - The API path for the project, usually /w/api.php
  • opted_in - A list of database names of projects that will display restricted statistics regardless of individual users’ preferences

3.4. Tools

  • enable.ec - Enable “Edit Counter” tool
  • enable.articleinfo - Enable “Article Information” tool
  • enable.pages - Enable “Pages Created” tool
  • enable.topedits - Enable “Top Edits” tool
  • enable.blame - Enable “Article Blamer” tool
  • enable.autoedits - Enable “Automated Edits” tool
  • enable.adminstats - Enable “Admin Statistics” tool
  • enable.adminscore - Enable “Admin Score” tool
  • enable.rfa - Enable “RfX Analysis” tool
  • enable.rfap - Enable “RfX Vote Calculator” tool
  • enable.bash - Enable “Quote Database” tool
  • enable.sc - Enable “Plain, Dirty, Simple Edit Counter” tool