2. Installation

To install XTools, please follow these steps:

  1. Download the repository into a web-accessible location. If you’re using Git, the master branch is always stable so you can clone that.
  2. Ensure that var/ and all files within it (other than var/SymfonyRequirements.php) are writable by the web server.
  3. Run composer install and be prompted to enter database details and other configuration information.
  4. Open XTools in your browser; you should see the XTools landing page.

To update the cache after making configuration changes, run ./bin/console cache:clear.

2.1. Single wiki

To use XTools for a single wiki, set the following variables in parameters.yml:

  • app.single_wiki to true
  • wiki_url to the full URL of your wiki
  • api_path to the path to the root of your wiki’s API

2.2. Wiki family

To use XTools for a family of wikis, set app.single_wiki to false in parameters.yml.

You will also need to create a new database table to record the meta information about your wikis. It can live wherever you want; just set the database_replica_* variables accordingly in parameters.yml.

The table must be called wiki and have the following structure:

    `dbname` varchar(32) NOT NULL PRIMARY KEY,
    `lang` varchar(12) NOT NULL DEFAULT 'en',
    `name` text,
    `family` text,
    `url` text

(The WMF version of this table can be browsed at Quarry #4031.)