1. Pre-requisites

XTools requires the following to run:

  • A recent version of Linux (Windows servers are supported, however; you must enable the app.load_stylesheets_from_cdn if you want it to look nice).
  • PHP 5.5.9+ (not tested on PHP7)
    • JSON must be enabled.
    • ctype needs to be enabled
    • You must have date.timezone set in php.ini.
    • PDO including the driver for the database you want to use
    • Curl must be enabled.
  • Composer 1.0.0+
  • Node and npm (tested with versions 6.2.1 and 3.9.3, respectively)

1.1. Databases

  1. One or more project databases. These should be current mediawiki installations. The meta database should point to them.

  2. A Meta database. If you are running more than one wiki (app.is_single_wiki set to false), information on each wiki must be stored in a meta database. XTools uses one modeled after the WMF Labs database..

    This database must live on the same machine as the project databases.

    See the installation documentation for more details if you don’t already have this database available.

  3. An optional Tools’ database, where other MediaWiki tools store their data.